…about Ozzy’s 300 million to zero.

My dog, Ozzy, is a talented fellow. He gives paw, rolls over, double-rolls, plays dead, says please, gives other paw, gives pounds, and even hi-fives in response to a particular question.

He’s also a very curious pup.

As he should be—dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors! (Reference point: we humans have a measly 6 million.) But I’m beginning to wonder about the sense of feeling that dogs have access to in regard to their noses.

It’s almost as if every time Ozzy sniffs something, it winds up stuck to his nose, and stays there. Sometimes, it stays there for a few minutes at a time.

And for way longer than gravity should allow.

The majority of a toy’s inside.


Other times, a quick lick of his tongue removes the evidence.

Caught: a piece of tiny pasta that missed the pot.


Not a fan of being photographed, Ozzy tends to turn away before I can capture a clear shot of this oft-hilarious sight.


Paper scraps in the elevator.


But sometimes, I catch something still stuck on his all-smelling (and no-feeling) nose.


Fuzzballs shedding from our wooly rug.




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