An iPhone Visual Guide: How to “Send as a Text Message”

Have you ever tried sending a text from your iPhone, checked back later, and then realized the little “Delivered” notation wasn’t showing up under your message bubble?

[Side note: if your message bubble was blue, you were actually sending an “iMessage” which is Apple’s messaging app—not a “text message”.]

If you were messaging anyone on a shared phone plan, or anyone who might have a new phone—more specifically, not an iPhone—you might want to give this a go to get your message sent.

I recently sent this message to someone on my data plan:

sorry but no more data for you

…and then I turned off his data.

…and then I started to wonder if he knew how to explain that process to his contacts.

[Full disclosure: “someone on my data plan” = my brother. And by “your contacts,” I mostly meant “Mommy and Daddy” and “so I don’t find out in a few days that they’ve been worrying about being unable to get in touch with you, because their msgs weren’t actually going through, because I shut your data off.”]

…and then sent this message:

do you know how to do that?
There was a time that my answer was, also, “no.”

…but immediately knew that I needed to do that very iMessage-to-text-message switcharoo, in order to even ask him about doing it.

To save myself the time it would take to explain to him (and/or our parents) how to do this, I created this little How-To Visual Guide.

iMessage: Delivered
iMessage: Delivered
iMessage: NOT Delivered
iMessage: NOT Delivered

tap and hold

Text is sent
Green message bubbles indicate SMS/text messages.

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