Puppy Axel is Blurry

It’s crossed my mind, of course, “Oh, to be a puppy photographer…”

My guess is only blind, severely allergic, or terrible people are the people who wouldn’t want to look at puppies—and then, pictures of puppies—all day, erry day. And it’s obvious to me, now, why everyone isn’t a puppy photographer: it’s nearly impossible to get a clear shot of a puppy.

In all of Axel’s cute squirminess, this is the best I’ve been able to get:

puppy axel and his pine needle nose
The next time this happened, both Axel and the thing on his nose were a heck of a lot bigger.

A month and a half later, I was unable to secure a less blurry shot. In my own defense, I wasn’t able to practice these ridiculously cute, spontaneous pictures on the daily. In Axel’s defense, he cannot help himself. 




5-month-old Axel
It sure will be okay with me if he doesn’t grow into those beautiful ears.

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