Sang it, meant it!

I receive far too many promotional emails. Announcements of sales and special deals from various stores and subscription-based apps and websites fill my inbox every hour. I typically open my email with dread and a plan to do one of two things:

  1. Ignore all of the tabs outside of the “Inbox” category.
  2. Proceed to delete as many non-personal and non-business-related messages as I can before any of the headlines catch my eye.

On Saturday, this one didn’t get deleted:

Sang this HD Antenna...
In its defense, Digg isn’t a repeat offender here.

Instead of opening the message with the intention of shopping, I wanted to see if the email subject line was repurposed—typo and all—for the item’s headline in the body of the email.

It wasn’t.

But, I couldn’t resist:

Snag it.
Yes, mistakes are a part of being human. (That’s why the world needs editors.)

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