Garlique: Cupid?

We had just walked in the door from a family road trip.

The mood: generally happy.

Also: one wrong move away from all three of us flipping our lids.

(Read: fast-food bloated, dirty, and exhausted.)

I believe we were all standing in the kitchen, with KC unpacking Ozzy’s food stuffs, Ozzy waiting for a fresh bowl of water, and me fetching Ozzy that fresh bowl of water. There wasn’t much conversation going on between my wife and me. I’m pretty sure she was ignoring me and I’m more sure it was for the sake of our marriage. The kitchen might have been a bit tense.

Until I looked down at Ozzy.

It looks like a piece of garlic's dry, paper-like skin.
From this angle, it might also look like a miniature bird perched up there.

I only had to ask the handsome sir to sit, and begin to focus my camera on him. My darling, supportive wife sprang into Assistant Mode, and helped me to keep Ozzy’s attention long enough for the clear shot (above).

KC and I laughed together at this ridiculousness that is our son’s life, as he sat there posing for us, ever-attentive and ready to please his mommies. We were brought back together again in peace, with sheer fondness. It must be the only time garlic can be singled out and thanked for specifically having to do with a sweet, romantic moment.


Except for Italian Thai Chinese Indian Spanish ALL FOOD-RELATED DATES, upon which both people are consuming the same amount of garlic any garlic at all…okay.

Theory = debunked.

New theory: garlic is Cupid, in disguise.


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