A Woven Dog Tale

Featured image of Ozzy with indigo yarn stuck to the top of his nose.

At last, it occurred to her that this trunkful of trash could, possibly, be considered otherwise. The items had been collected for a reason. Probably her aunt’s reason wasn’t a rational one, but out of respect, she was going to wait until at least the next trash-pickup day before dumping it out.

There was much work to be done, and riffling through a pile of scraps wasn’t high on the priorities side. Next, she moved on to the hall closet.

It’s there that she would find the photo album with all the answers. The album was completely filled, with pictures like the one below; close ups of all the crap in that trunk, which had at one point been stuck on her dog’s nose.

An indigo piece of yarn like this one on Ozzy's nose can weave a tale via smell in a dog's brain.
A dog might smell this again in 5 years, and be reminded of all he knew the moment he smelled it—where the yarn came from, what blanket or sweater it had been a part of, and whether or not that item still is (or ever was) in this house.

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