Love Your Pet…and His Poop?

my dog's poop in the shape of a fancy lowercase "F."

A few years ago, I took a picture of my dog’s poop. It had landed on the ground in the distinct shape of a lower-case “F.”

Three months later, I noticed another of Ozzy’s excrements was shaped like a letter—this time, a “P.” I took a picture of that one, too.

This kept happening. As more letters plopped to the ground on our walks, I took more pictures of Ozzy’s bowel movements. Eventually, I had the entire English alphabet. In pictures. Of turds.

For a couple of years, I was unsure of what to do with these photos. I walked around with them on my phone, semi-terrified a nosey bystander might peer over my shoulder and spy a collection of feces. Then, recently, Ozzy released a couple of improved versions of letters, which re-kindled my desire to share this alphabet defecated by my dog.

So, today I’m dumping it into a gallery for all to enjoy. Since I don’t typically post such vulgar photos on my blog, I’m giving you a little heads up: this is a load of crap.

Without further ado (doo), here it is for your amazement.


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